Can this click be fixed in software?

Hiya, I recorded an audiobook using Audacity and I’ve got these clicks which show up every minute or so - I think because I recorded on a laptop and there’s some sort of buffer issue? The recording didn’t clip as far as I can tell. Anyway, I’ve had no luck removing the clicks in software, does anyone know if it’s possible? I’d really love to not have to record every line with a click on it again.

The line is “Green and blue lamps twisted away into the night like stars” and the click is just before the ‘t’ in ‘stars’.

Two applications of “spectral delete” …

click removed with spectral delete

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Amazing, thanks a lot

Ticks like that can be caused by USB connection issues. As you saw, they’re not caused by overloading or other sound distortion. Some microphones come with overly long USB cables and they can be prone to data transmission errors.

This is why it’s good to tell us how you’re recording your voice.


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