Can this audio clip be saved?

Hello everyone,
First of all: English is not my main language, so there might be some grammar issues in my text.

For a study assignment, we had to make a vlog and we used a borrowed vlog-camera to film everything. We did a few interviews with several people. When I came home and uploaded everything on my laptop, I found out that the audio is really really bad.

I managed to remove A LOT of noise from the audio, but its still very crackly and bad, listen for yourself:

Can audio, with this terrible quality, be saved? If the answer is yes, how can I do this? Can anyone help me?
I’ve never used Audacity before and it’s kind of complicated.

Thank you in advance!

Unfortunately that cannot be rescued. It was recorded too loud, which has resulted in the waveform being “clipped” (distorted).

Kind of expected that already, crap. Thank you for answering.

Another question: could something like this be saved?

That one can be made marginally better by using the Amplify effect and the Noise Reduction effect.

Here’s a ‘before / after’ example to show what you can expect:

Information about the effects can be found from the links in this part of the manual:

Thank you for helping me. I will give it a try.