Can;t see mic connected through Scarlett Solo

I’m new, trying to set up for voice recording on a Win 10 PC. I have a condenser mic connected via a Scarlett Solo but it’s not showing up in the mic input drop down list in Audacity. Yesterday, when I first connected it, it was there. The phantom power light is on and the Scarlett is connected to the USB port Audacity seems to be using the built-in PC mic instead. I would appreciate any advice how to get the Scarlett interface recognised.

Ensure the Scarlett is connected before you launch Audacity.
If Audacity is launched first, it will be necessary to “Transport menu > Rescan Audio Devices” to allow Audacity to see the device.

One other thing you can do when you’re troubleshooting is make the Solo tell you the microphone is OK. The Solo knobs will light up and turn colors when you speak into the microphone. That’s insanely important to know because that shortcuts a lot of questions we have to ask.

You can speak loudly and turn the volume control up. Just to get the lights to flash as a test. Never blow into a microphone.


Thanks to both of you for providing helpful advice.
I’m testing the system with an old Turner Company desk mic I had lying around whilst I wait for the Guitar Centre to deliver the AT2035 I have on order.
Using the Scarlet Solo and turning up the input volume shows that this old mic is putting out a pretty weak signal but is working.
I followed your advice and was able to get Win 10 to recognise the FocusRite input after a system reboot and all looks good now.
I hope the new mic comes soon so I can start doing some serious work.
Your help is much appreciated.