Can’t record and interface has altered?


This is 99% likely human error on my behalf.

Windows 7

1.3.0 beta

Up until a few days ago all was fine for a long long time. However I used audacity intoxicated and now I’m not sure how to get it working as it was previously?

So with my audio preferences set to the correct input and playback settings (corresponding to my audio interface (focusrite 2i2) I’m hitting record and “audio position” counts but nothing is recorded.
Also no waveform/s are displayed at all.
The audio track is stereo and appears much narrower horizontally than I’m used to and there is no “zero crossing” or whatever it’s called in the space either.

I can open recent files and the program displays and plays back properly however if I try to record I get the same issue?

I’m baffled as to what’s happening? Any ideas to point me in the right direction?

Half-Wave display ? …
half wave.gif

1.3.0 beta

Is that a typo?

We are now at 3.1.3 and it’s not a beta release.

Is that a typo?

Go easy on the poor guy, he’s recovering…he did say he was intoxicated. :laughing:

“ We are now at 3.1.3 and it’s not a beta release.”

You never just know. You can always assume. But halfway is always halfway.

Now I wasn’t shitting you son, sounds like audacity is older than you are. I didn’t need all the bells and whistles 3.1.3 offers or your sarcasm but in retrospect things come in handy like tools, like you. You helped me get the bells and whistles. Now just like you, Audacity was once a basic thing but over time it has learned and turned out great. Let’s hope you do the same.

Ps. Thanks for the neat instructions but that option wasn’t available back then.

@Halfway ect, the responses here are trying to help you. Please try to keep the tone cordial. We all like this to be a safe and friendly little corner of cyberspace.

“Audacity 1.3.0” was surprising as that version is nearly 17 year old :astonished: (released 28 November 2005).
Also, please note that Windows 7 is no longer officially supported, either by Microsoft or Audacity. The latest version of Audacity is thought to still work on Windows 7, but it is untested, so no guarantees.