Can`t find right path.

I am running windows with Audacity 3.0.2. I can not Get effects , vst`s or anything at all to load into Audacity. I put them into my Plugins folder , Steinberg folder and several other folders that look like Audacity would recognize. Nothing. The folder in my preferences slot doesn’t get them there either. Any suggestions would be helpfull.

Not all VST plug-ins are compatible with Audacity and 64-bit plug-ins never work with the Windows version of Audacity, which is 32-bits

Commercial VST venders usually have a list of officially supported host applications on their support page. Audacity is rarely listed but sometimes they’ll work anyway.

With free plug-ins it’s usually just hit-or-miss because there is no budget for testing and debugging with every audio editor and DAW.

I assume you have been using this manual page as a reference: Installing Effect, Generator and Analyzer plug-ins on Windows

Note that on that page it says:

You can enable new VST effects in Audacity by using the Effect > Add / Remove Plug-ins… menu item. This opens the Plug-in Manager: Effects, Generators and Analyzers dialog where you can select and Enable the new effects then click OK to load them. Next time you launch Audacity the enabled effect(s) will be cached and you will not need to re-enable them.

So, your new plugins will not appear until they have been enabled.

Also, note that Audacity 3.0.3 is just around the corner, which is expected to support 64-bit plugins. See: Audacity devel download latest version

Thanks. Accepting 32 & 64 bits will take a lot of guessing game out of it. Yes I refer to the manual all the time. Most of the time it leads me somewhere i can at least figure out where to go for the answer. This one is really baffling though. I know there are a lot of posts on this subject and I still cant quite get the right answer. Im sure it will just happen when I least expect it.

Don’t get your hopes up too high. There is concern that the 64-bit version of Audacity may only support 64-bit plugins. But we can cross our fingers that it will be more accommodating. :smiley: