Can someone sell Audacity??

I happen to run into a site that sell Audacity for $10 bucks. Is that possible?? Thank you.

It is legal to sell open source software. :open_mouth:

Vendors are free to bundle Audacity with their products, or to sell or distribute copies of Audacity (see Vendors and Distributors of Audacity) under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

If you are interested in bundling, selling or distributing Audacity, please review our entire License, and Advice for Vendors and Distributors page.

There may be some restrictions and I think it can be trademark violation (maybe if they make their own version). The sold/purchased copy is still open source (even if they modify it) so anybody who buys a copy can give away (or sell) copies.

AND importantly - they have to support it themselves too, not shunt “their” users over to us :exclamation: