Can Someone Please Help Me Figure This Out?

All of my projects are not opening. When I try to open I get “Importing AUP Project Files” . When it’s done there is nowhere near the size it should be . I don’t know how else to explain but this makes no sense. I’m talking 2 years of projects. Audacity projects don’t store well at all, obviously.

Which Audacity?

If you open up your AUP file in a text editor (don’t save anything), do they look right ? This is a portion of a small but healthy one.

The general format is thirds. The top part is the program header, the middle part is Left Sound and the bottom part is Right Sound. That red box is the name of the mating _DATA folder. That’s the main reason you can’t easily change the name of a Project outside of Audacity.

A common failure is an AUP file filled with black blocks, NUL NUL NUL NUL, or random trash.

Starting with Audcity 3, it’s not done that way any more.


The Audacity 3 program should open older Projects, but will not save new Projects in the split format. New Projects are saved in .aup3 form—everything in one file.


It continues to be strongly recommended that you Export valuable work in perfect quality WAV format instead of depending on Projects alone for archive storage. Also Export raw performances or recordings in WAV as a backup before you edit them.

MP3 is not recommended for this job. MP3 gets its tiny, efficient files by scrambling musical tones and leaving some of them out. You can’t easily edit or change an MP3 file without increasing sound damage.


How do you open the AUP file in a text editor? What is a text editor?

Windows Notepad. :wink: