can someone help me

Hey I’m using a microphone made by Blue Microphones called Yeti
I recorded a hip hop track and need help making it sound professional. I will send anyone the Audacity files so you can directly edit it. If anyone is interested please let me know.

-mike c

You can post a little bit of it here so we can get some idea. what you’re doing.

Now point us to a track you like. Koz

  1. Yes I just didn’t know if anyone would respond, but the total file size is 92.88 MB and you can download the editable Audacity file with my vocals by clicking here.

2 YOU WILL NEED: The instrumental, produced by Dov Rohan of JeeJuh. Open the vocals file and just Import > Audio and select the instrumental in this download. By importing the instrumental seperatly it significantly reduced the file size (1) from 92MB to 25MB! When you import the audio track, it should place it in synce with my vocals. I believe this is the best way to download this because it is two files, however it is over 4x smaller file size.

My custom pc is Windows 7 64-bit, and the newest Audacity version of course! :slight_smile:

Please help! The vocals now seem like I’m right up in the mic too close, can anyone make it so it has “great” quality? At least better then it is now!