Can someone help me remove voice from a song

Hey guys, I assume there is someone here with audacity that can assist me. I currently don’t have audacity and was wondering if someone can help me remove the voice from a song for me. There are a lot of smart guys and girls here and hope someone can help. thanks.

We can tell you how to try yourself.

Run Audacity.

File > Import and point to your song.

Effect > Vocal Reduction and Isolation. Try it with the default settings.

Vocal Reduction is not a sure thing. If your song fails or there is too much damage, then it may never work. You might look at buying a karaoke version of the song.


I do not have audacity. I am really hoping someone here can help me omit the voice. I have the music file. For the song I want to, there is no karaoke. I’m planning on signing winter wonderland by blanca for a hospital benefit December 1st. Please, any help is appreciated. You have my full cooperation!

It is available (free) from here:

We’re not here to do it for you. We’re here to help Audacity users to get the best out of using Audacity.

Try this -

Effect => Vocal remover => apply this nd then => go to Equalization => Just change the db of -20 no. …

Just try :slight_smile:

Audacity 2.1.2 has two effects for removing / reducing vocals from a song. There is no guarantee that either will work. The effectiveness of these effects depend on the amount of stereo separation. Both effects are fully documented in the manual:

The old effect: Vocal Remover

The new effect: Vocal Reduction and Isolation