Can someone give me advice?

Ok, the title may sound very weird, but what im wondering on is if it’s possible to have these settings/preferences added automatically for every recording i do, as well as when i do live streams: YouTube

the voice seems to be somewhat cleaner and more…neat. I read that there are some scripts for audacity that allows me to do this, but yeah, that’s why im asking for help here to see if you people know something.

im using audacity 2.2.0 on win 7.

thanks in advance for the help!

Audacity’s Chains feature can apply the same list of effects.

Audacity doesn’t apply effects “live”, (i.e. in real-time). Audacity effects only applied post production.

YouTube the voice seems to be somewhat cleaner and more…neat.

We can’t see you waving your hands across multiple time zones, so we usually recommend you post or reference Before and After samples and we can tell you how to get there, or at least get close. Posting URLs works, but we need both sides, before and after.

If you have the chance, this is a pretty good format for posting voice work on the forum.

And yes, Audacity is a post production tool and doesn’t apply anything in real time—except timer.

There’s also the possibility you’re using your microphone wrong or in a bad environment. It’s pretty common for people to produce awful home recordings and then depend on Audacity to “clean it up” later. Usually no. Most common home recording errors can’t be cleaned up by anybody.