Can someone discover I made edits?

I am using Audacity to do some edits on audio files that were originally recorded by Quickvoice on the iPhone.

The edits I had to do were to remove unrelated audio from the final file.

I was wondering if it is possible for someone to analyze the audio file that Audacity creates and realize that edits had occurred -“This file is only 8 minutes long and in analysis the original file was 10 minutes” or “this file is missing 45 seconds beginning at 5 minutes”.

any information would be most appreciated.

A well made edit will be difficult to detect, but an expert will probably be able to spot if it has been edited.
Please note that we are not able to enter into correspondence about legal matters. If that is what you require, please contact an company that is appropriately qualified in such matters.

Thanks for the reply.
I assume that an expert might be able to spot an edit ‘mid-audio’ (i.e. 20 seconds were removed in the middle of the file)
but I wonder if someone could detect if I just ‘chopped off’ :slight_smile: the first 4 minutes, i.e. original file was 10 minutes long, I deleted 00:00 to 04:00 and now the saved file is only 06:00.

It’s not a serious matter, just trying to avoid questions that detract from the purpose of the audio files.

Thanks again!!

Probably yes.
With sufficient knowledge and resources an audio forensics expert may also tell you where and when it was recorded and what it was recorded on.