Can record voice but not music....

Hi everyone…this is my first post. I am using 1.3X Beta on Windows 7 64 bit. I want to record a short musical intro, then talking, then the same musical intro, then talking and finally repeat the same musical intro (eventually burning on a CD). This is for a comedy show that I am doing. I have a PC headset with microphone. I get my voice ok but when I go to record the music from a file in Windows Media Center the music doesn’t record. Any help please. This is my first time with Audacity and I am overwhelmed. Thank you.

If you have the music in Windows Media Center then you don’t need to record it, you just need to find where that file is located on your computer (possibly in “My Music”?)
Once you have found the file on your computer, then with Audacity go to “File menu > Import > Audio” and browse to the location of that file. If the file is of a supported type then it will import into Audacity. If Audacity cannot open it or it opens it as a 5 second squeak, then you will need to install Audacity 1.3.14 and FFMpeg.
Audacity 1.3.14:

Thanks Steve. I will try your suggestion now.

Steve…I did as you suggested but am lost again. The song is one of 12 on a album and I have lots of music albums. I don’t know how to select this one song if that is possible. Is one song considered a file or is an album considered a file…

also you said to install FFMpeg…?

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To find a file that is in the Windows Media Player library:

  • Click the Library tab, and then browse to the file you want to find on your computer.
  • Right-click the file and then click Open File Location.