Can only playback one track at a time.

Windows 10, Audacity 2.4.2
Problem: I can only playback one track at a time, except for the rhythm track.
The top track plays back by default. I can play the other tracks (one at a time) by clicking the solo button on the track. Then that track and the rhythm track on the bottom will play.
How can I play all four melody tracks at once? I don’t want to mix them down into a single mono or stereo track unless I have to. Not yet.

They should all play as shown in your screenshot, though I notice that the track gain on your first visible track is turned up extremely high. Doesn’t the first track play extremely loudly and distorted?

So as steve was saying, drop the gain on your first track back down to 0. Then bump up your system volume. You may need to lower the gain on your rhythm track.

I don’t know what the problem was, but I recreated the project from scratch, and it works normally. I must have had some issues with the data files, because when I opened the project, I got an error saying “Warning: Missing missing audio data block files”
I’ll leave it as a mystery, since I am just learning how to use Audacity and since I didn’t have much time involved in the project. Time to plea ignorance and move on.

Thanks for your suggestions and help. This seems a good community.

:smiley: Glad to hear everything seems to be working OK, now. :smiley: