Can Only one voice

I made a recording -skype- but i can only hear myself- not the person i was talking to.
anyone got any advice - have i just cocked up somewhere.?
I was using earphones if it make a difference


windows 10
Aud 2.4.2

You can’t easily record both sides of a Skype, Zoom or other chat connection. So no, what you did is perfectly normal.

It is recommended that you use the company-supplied recording services. Both Skype and Zoom have them.

That’s the best and most reliable way other than a full-on broadcast setup.

Failing that, you can try Pamela for Skype.


Understood, thank you.!
Any idea why Aud doesnt record ‘both’ sides of the call?

Any idea why Aud doesnt record ‘both’ sides of the call?

Yes. Audacity can only record from one “thing.” Skype is two things. The microphone belongs to the computer and counts as one thing. The far-side voice is a service of Skype and counts as a second thing.

It’s not that hard to record your microphone. Many people can manage that. It’s a lot harder to record the far side voice, but that’s sometimes possible too. It’s almost never possible to record both at once.

That’s not the only reason. Skype can do hands-free open-air conversations and to do that it has to have a perfect, absolute, death-grip on the computer sound services. All of them. At all times. It’s not even remotely sloppy.

There’s a couple of forum posters shuffling between all the computer sound tools trying to find a combination that works. But there’s one other problem. Skype and the other services issue mandatory updates in the background, and you may find that a trick that worked on Monday stops working on Tuesday.

There’s another discussion about this. It’s totally possible to do this, just not with a button push or simple app which is what everybody wants.