Can not record using my wireless headphones

All of a sudden I can’t record anything using any of my wireless headphones. It detects the headphone, but I get a flat line when I record. I can hear audio from it though. I can still record on wired mic. It may have been after I updated to Ventura 13.3.1, but not sure. Apple suggested I try it on safe mode and it still doesn’t work. I even updated to Audacity 3.3.1 and still no luck. When I select software playthrough on input, it does record, but the echoing is very annoying to listen to. Anybody know how to fix this? Thx

Curious. This behavior seems obliquely related to this issue: Overdub Monitoring Not Working · Issue #3964 · audacity/audacity · GitHub

for which the solution is to revert to 3.1.3.: Old Audacity versions download

unfortunately that did not work. No one else is having this problem? It’s so weird that it all of a sudden stopped. My guess is the ventura update, but I would think other people would be having the same problem.

I’m a windows guy, but…

Are you trying to record what you’re hearing in your headphones or are you trying to record from a headset mic?

record from a wireless headphone where I speak into the microphone. It has always worked until a couple of weeks ago.

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