Can not record music from Internet with AC 2.0.4

I have Windows 8 Prof (inkl latest updates) and my soundcard is RealTek.
I have Audacity 2.0.4 installed and my problem is that I can not record
sounds (music) from Internet.
Microphon is marked “Stereo mix Realtek High Defin” but headunit is marked MME
and I can not find “Stereo Mix” as line in here.
When I try to make a record both soundbars (loudspeaker and microphon are moving,
but nothing is presented on the board (waves eg).
How to fix this problem so I can record from Internet?

Sounds you have a very similar problem to me a couple of posts below you in the forum Audacity 2.0.4 not recording from Internet Browser I have solved mine by going back to 2.0.3 although 2.0.5 alpha also works for me.