can not record my track edits and samples from my DDJ SB2 to Audacity.
Here are the details MacBook Pro (Mid 2012) with macOS High Sierra with all its updates
what Im doing is the following Im plugging my “RCA to Jack” cable to the line-in (headphones) on the device playback shows Built-in-Output
On the device recording shows built in mic and sb2, now from what I heard and seen it suppose to show Line in so it can record properly.
Can somebody please help me with this Im sure somebody can relate with this issue.

Thank you forum in advance.

My 2012 15" MBP has Stereo Line Out (Headphones) and Stereo Line-In.

I use the Stereo Line-In (on the left) to record my analog mixer and anything else I need. It appears as “Built-In Input” in the Mac setups.

However. Only the 15" and 17" had that. The 13" had one connection that you had to manually switch between Stereo-Out and Stereo-In. Not both at once.

So if the DDJ SB2 is just a controller for the software on the Mac, then you may need a USB adapter with both connections such as the Behringer UCA-202.

I’m guessing on some of this, but one of our production assistants had something like this and I think that’s how he did it.


Thank you very much kozikowski that was pretty helpful!

Also I was wondering if this product I bought could solve my problem
Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 9.49.31 AM.jpg