Can not open window dialogue in audcaity

Windows: Window 7
Operating System: 64 bit

Audacity Code:

wxWidget: wxMSW-2.8.12

I have compiled wxWidget successfully and also compiled a sample scroll as well

All the functions are working fine in Audacity except the options under “File” Menu

  1. Only Close file
  2. New file works
  3. Recent File works

nothing else

If i drag the file on audacity it also works fine.

PLEASE check the attached file.

Thanks but this is not useful as a bug report. You say everything is fine except three items, but then you say two of those “work”.

If there is a problem with File > Open or File > Close, please give the steps 1, 2, 3… that will let us reproduce the issue. Also let us know if you launched Audacity by pressing the Play button in Visual Studio.

Also if you continue after the debug assert, what happens in the program? Is there a crash? Debug asserts are put into alert the developers to a possible problem. We would like to know when asserts happen but they do not necessarily make anything bad happen in the program.


I’m following this and will chime in (though I may be off base)…

I think this Assert is not in the Audacity code but in the wxWidgets code. I looks like it is complaining about a string passed to a parsing routine in wx’s ArrayString code. I suspect that an unicode string is being poorly handled somewhere in the file open/save code. Is the problem in opening or saving a file? If so, what is the file’s name you are using?

This should be a very easy problem to debug. If you run Audacity in the debugger (and are building and linking against unicode debug wxWidgets); when you hit the Assert, look at the stack trace and it will tell you exactly where the code is failing and the calls that got you there. Single step the code past the Assert and see what the offending value is (or put a break just before the offending line and re-run to the break and then observe the offending value. If you need more explicit instruction on this stuff let me know and I will step you through the process.

Thanks for your replies, I think VS was having some issue, when i clean the code and re build the solution this issue was removed.

Although i have another question, which i need an answer too .