can not get track to play

I took a recording of a meeting with a voice recorder app. sent from my phone to my email. it is on my desktop as an icon. when i checked what the properties were it says audio.png. it also says is a pngimage. my main purpose is to try and cancel out some of the backround noise so i can hear the vocals more clearly. is this possible and how do i do it???

What’s the background noise? Two problems kill people right at the top: Background noise is really foreground noise and the voices are incidental to the presentation, and “noise” is really room echo. Echoes are permanent and desirable voices have to be the predominant fraction of the show.

You could try Effect > Noise Reduction. Drag-select a portion of the show that’s noise-only. No voices. The more the better. That’s called Room Tone. The noise the room makes after everybody goes home. Click Profile. Then drag-select some portion of the show with voices and apply the tool.

Noise Reduction from that point is all about DO, UNDO and changing the sliders to get the most reduction with the least damage. You’re never going to change what you have into a Glen Glenn Sound studios presentation. It may not be recoverable at all.


thanks for input. unfortunately i am an extreme novice to this. i just need to hear the responses of the two voices, but i can hear a fuzzy sound and a little backround music from the other office. im not even sure i imported the file right. i clicked on import uncompressed i think. the displays shows all the vertical lines(like an ekg) and when i push the play button it just make a quick click noise and then stops. how do i hear the 3 minutes clip in its entirety? do you know if i can just take the digital recorder somewhere and have it done??? may save a lot of time!lol

ok, so i finally got my clip loaded. what is the best effect to use to eliminate the hissing or sounds like water running in the background? the voices are normal at times and at other times very soft. can i amplify the voices only?

So you now have the full 3 minutes and not just a “quick click noise”?

Probably not.

See here about noise reduction:
However, I get the sense that the sound quality is so bad that there may not be much that can be done to improve it.