can not get sound to work

I am working with Windows XP and have a Encore Technology cassette player to copy cassettes to my PC then make CD’s from the recordings. I can not get the sound to come through. It shows sound vibrations being recorded by no sound during the playback. In fact at this time I have messed with every setting and now no sound on my computer at all. I have worked with this all day and am really blown by all of this.

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Thank you so much for the help, it was not that it was that I had the wrong setting for the sound input. But I really can use your help figuring out why when I am recording a huge loud static sound comes through my computer but not the playing device. I let it run for over two minutes and it did not stop. I was just stopping the recording and starting over but it continues each time I try to record. Thanks

Huge loud static (and none of the real sound) usually indicates that the USB connection has lost sync. Sometimes this can be corrected by just stopping and starting again. Sometimes it may require shutting down the USB device (safely remove device) then reconnecting it. If you do the latter you will need to tell Audacity to rescan audio devices (Transport menu) before Audacity can use the device. There are many things that can cause this problem, such as CPU load briefly going too high, poor quality USB components or lead, the USB plug not fitting the socket very well, too many other programs or processes running, …

If the problem keeps happening, check the computer to see what programs / processes are running and shut down any that are not essential. Try a different USB socket and/or USB lead. See here for other suggestions for making the computer run more efficiently: