Can not get a wav. file?

Hello everybody, i’m new to the whole audacity thing :slight_smile: I used it for a music mix for a flashmob we are planning to do at a wedding. So with the help of an YouTube tutorial I created something and it turned out okay. I saved it with export… and got a aup. file and a wav. file. I send it to the other participants thru Dropbox. Worked!
Now I made another mix which is better, but everytime I want to save it (the same way i did with the other file, I think…) I only get a aup. file and when I want to send that or play that on my Phone or send it to somebody, it doens’t work.
I’m not really good with this, so is there anybody who can help me or tell me what I do wrong? Thanks so much, regards, Mies

The Save command always saves an Audacity Project in audio format

In order to get a WAV (or MP3 or whatever) file you need to use the Export command - see this page in the Manual:

This page from the Manual is worth a read too: