Can not Create Macro as the Command Library Showing A Few Effects

I am trying to create a macro based on my editing. I am using Audacity 3.4 with Mac M1 With Ventura 13.6
When I was trying to Insert any effect in my Macro I found that there are just a few of the effects are available. Common effects like Compressor, Limiter, Equaliser, or else all the Effects are not available in the Command Library of Audacity.

Can anybody help me to resolve the issue?

Use the horizontal scrollbar at the bottom of the table to reveal more.

Or, once you have clicked on one in the table just type the first letter(s) of the effect you require.


Thanks a ton for your kind help. Your suggestion is working. However, typing the first letter is not working in the Entry space but it is working inside the section where effects are there.

Indeed that is just what is supposed to happen - the same occurs in the Plugin Manager too.


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