can not clip/ split track


I have been trying to split an audio track (mix) I’ve been editing for hours now with no success. Ive done it many times on this computer, and did it earlier today with this mix. For some reason it will not work. Ive start my computer over a few times. Ive closed Audacity down… Ive read tutorials… Ive watched video footage… I am now exhausted and resorting to this forum. Audacity is very straight forward and pretty simple which is the reason I use it. I have no idea what is going on, but I am behind on this project and have tons of work to get to. Please help me… thank you :pray:t5:

Do you mean that:

You have an Audacity project, and it now contains just one mixed down track.
You now want to export from Audacity to create a series of separate files.

Or do you mean that:
You have a stereo track and you want to split it into two mono tracks.

Or do you mean something else?