can no longer record system audio?

I’ve upgraded to Audacity 2.3.0.

I’m using Windows 7 laptop with Realtek High Def Audio and Intel Display Audio. These are what show in Device Manager.

Previously, I could set Audacity to record system audio, so Any audio source or even media players, I could record the audio.

I’m not sure if the timing of the change coincides with a driver update, but it may?

So now there is no setting that allows me to record the system audio. I even tried to run a cord from output sound jack to input and still it seems it’s only able to record my room sounds?

Could this be my sound card? Or what can I do to try to work around this? If I could downgrade the driver, I might try that, just to see. Currently, it’s up to date, but I can no longer record system audio and I’m not sure why? I need to resolve this!

Very likely.

Windows 7 should support Windows “WASAPI”, so you should be able to record sounds that are playing on your computer using “WASAPI loopback” as described here: