can mp3 be inadvertently altered once exported to itunes?


I played an mp3 in itunes and suddenly it was different than 24 hours before.

here’s my question, if one takes a tune that was bought in itunes, imported into audacity, manipulated and sound effects added, then exported as an mp3, …can that mp3 suddenly changed based on something else I did to the original itunes file? Once the mp3 is exported from audacity is it a standalone file, or does it point to something else?


Don’t use the same filename.

Was it a protected file? Did it have FairPlay® on it?

I process off-air radio shows and do downloads within iTunes and in spite of some stupid errors, iTunes has never changed anything – that I know of. I always change the file type and never use the old filename.

Pay attention to the file sizes – or change iTunes so it shows them. That generally changes between the file formats.

Once you have music inside iTunes, it should stay put. You can set iTune preferences to a different format, and then Control-Click the music > Make an AAC (or whatever) version. That’s how you use iTunes for file conversions. It uses all the high quality QuickTime libraries and generally does an excellent job.

Why do you think iTunes messed with the file? You understand that you can’t make an MP3 from another MP3, right? The compression damage goes up and the music always sounds worse.