Can I..

IS IT POSSIBLE FOR ME TO RECORD MORE THAN ONE TRACK AT ONCE. And mix them during recording with my mixer board? So far I have only figured out how to do it one track at a time and it is very time consuming…Please Help!

It depends on your hardware. With a regular 'ol soundcard, you can record a left-track and a right track. That’s it.

Of course, you can use your mixer to mix live, and record all of the mixer-inputs to a stereo track.

if you have a multitrack interface ([u]example[/u]), you can recurd multiple tracks at once. (Such a devide will usually come with software.)

And mix them during recording with my mixer board?

Maybe… But generally, no! You usually mix digitally-recorded tracks in software. Typically, you’d use DAW (Digital-Audio-Workstation) software, rather than a simple audio editor like Audacity. You can get a “control surface” that looks-like and works-like a mixer but is actually interfacing with your DAW.

If your mixer has a USB output, Most “analog” mixers only send the mixed left & right channels through the USB port… In general, they are not capable of multitrack recording.