Can I view arbitrary sections of audio clip during playback (with playback cursor off-screen)

When editing, default behavior is for the screen to follow the playback cursor, which makes sense most of the time. But there are times when I want to view another part of a clip during the playback. Example: when modifying label positions in an audio clip of 30 songs, or question/answer, etc, I am playing the clip and listening for the end of a section, but I want to look ahead to locate the next label or the beginning of the next section. Whether I try scrolling or zooming in/out, the view is immediately shifted so that the playback cursor is at the left of the screen. Is there a way to view/browse the waveform while allowing the playback cursor to be off-screen?
(I’m new to Audacity and this forum. If this question has already been answered, please let me know how to search the forum.)

Right click on the time ruler above the tracks window (the “Time Line”) and disable the option “Update display while playing”.

Awesome! Thanks so much!

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