Can I use the EQ to *match* the spectrum of another clip?

I’ve got a bunch of audiobook chapters. For some reason, however, some of the clips are nice can crisp, and some sound a little muffled, like he put a book in between his mouth and the mic.

I want to EQ this so that it has, as near as possible, the same frequency spectrum as the “crisp” clips. However, I’d like to avoid having to do it by trial and error (especially with a half-dozen clips of varying degrees of “muffleness”). I guess I could make screenshots of the freq-analyses of the muffled and crisp clips… that would make it a little less hit-or-miss…

…but what would be ideal would be if there was a way to use the spectrum analyzer to sample a clip and then tell the EQ to adjust another clip so that its spectrum analysis matches that of the first one.

Does Audacity have a way of doing that?

No, not yet.