Can I unsort having recorded over a track?

I recorded an audio session for a client, voice talking, and it sounds jumbled. I hear the session as if several tracks are playing at once. I stopped 2x so must have not restarted at the end of the tracks. In a rush and new to this I may have just stopped and restarted without placing the cursor at the end of the track where I stopped. Can I fix (un-sort) this? I use Audacity 1.2.6 on Windows XP. Help greatly appreciated! I know it was a dumb mistake. Sandra

Do you still have the Audacity project (AUP file and data folder)?
When you open your project, do you see several tracks above each other?

If the answer to both is “yes”, then use the “time shift tool” (button with double headed horizontal arrow) to slide the tracks left/right so that each track follows the previous one. You will need to zoom out (buttons with magnifying glass) so that you can see the whole project.

When you have all the audio clips in the correct place, go to the “File” menu and “Export” as WAV. (Audacity projects are not audio files - to make an audio file that you can play in a media player / burn to disk … you must Export.

See here for tips and tutorials about using Audacity

Yes, I saved as aup.
Yes, I see several tracks, one following the other.
And, THANK YOU, I will follow your instructions and see what it will yeild.

I had not saved it to an Mp3 yet, only the aup.

thanks so much.