can I stream audacity recording on the fly?


I’m looking for a way to stream audio from a Rowe 1999 CD jukebox connected to a TASCAM US 144MKII connected to a networked PC out to a DLNA capable audio receiver in another part of my house. I would prefer to do this without permanently storing the digital files. In other words, what I’d really like to do is to digitize the analog audio into a FIFO memory buffer and have the buffer contents streaming to the DLNA capable audio receiver in real time (or nearly so).

More fundamentally, I’m looking for a way to extend the audio output of a 1999 Rowe CD jukebox to another part of my house. I have all of the hardware available that I listed above; I just haven’t been able to find any software that allows me to put it all together.

Anyone know if Audacity can be put into this type of mode?

No it can’t.

Perhaps look at Twonky Server or Serviio DLNA server. There may be free or trial versions of these but I don’t think there are currently free versions. If you want to do this with free software you may need to use Linux as your operating system. For Linux there is Rygel ( or minidlna (recently renamed “ReadyMedia”).