Can I start my track at negative 5 instead of 0

Can I start my track at negative 5 instead of 0?

Yes you can, but it begs the question: why do you need to do this?

Go to Tracks Behaviors preferences and turn on Enable scrolling left of zero, so you can see negative time.

You can drag a clip a track so that it starts before zero but note carefully that:

b) Audacity won’t plat from negative time unless you select the audio in negative time

b) Audacity will not Export any audio that is in negative time unless you select it and Use Export Selected Audio

c) you cannot start a recording in negative time.


I do playback. So my ti.ecode starts @ 00:59:54:00. This is the count in to Hour 1 where the beat drops. I just would like the time in the audacity window to match my SMPTE track time. Thank you for answering my question. May i pick your knowledge with 1 more question?

Will audacity stay in the mode for negative play back until in done and log out of the session?

Yes - and it will stay that way for your next Audacity launch too.


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