Can I soften claps and coughs and boost the rest of the audi

Hello I have been using Audacity for 2 years now.

I record speakers talking on a variety of topics for a website I work for however I was wondering if there was an easier way to amplify the speaker and soften the audience claps and laughter that occur throughout a talk.

At the moment I painstakingly go through the audio amplifying and de-amplifying the high and low points…

is there an easier way?

Can you provide a short sample of the audio that you are working with?
See here for how to post audio files:

We applaud your sane, rational method of dealing with this. People generally post they want us to cure their presentation distortions having already tried nothing.

You might be able to use the compression tools. Their job is to soften the high points without much affecting the low volume areas, so they’re not a perfect solution. Effect > Compressor.

Chris’ Compressor may be. It’s a full-on broadcast compressor, pulling up the low bits and suppressing the high ones, and doing it look-ahead, so it sounds pretty good. I use it to “flatten” audio podcasts so I can listen in the car. One podcast posts with essentially the raw sound desk feed and with the expression of the actors, it’s all but unlistenable without processing.

I change the first value, compression, to 0.77 up from 0.5 to simulate the broadcast show. All the other values are stock.


Here is a small selection of the talk.

the person recording the talk has the microphone closer to the audience than the speaker…sigh
Sample of talk.jpg

yes yes yes!

Chris’ Compressor does the trick!!!

Oh my goodness so easy : )

Excellent thank you both so much for your help!

I should have come to this forum 2 years ago!