Can I smooth volume of combined MP3 files?

I’m using Audacity 2.1.2 on a Windows 7 PC. I used the .exe installer.
I concatenated several MP3 tracks cut from various songs to create a track for a dance routine, then exported the combined file as an MP3. However, the volume levels of the individual parts vary too much. Is there a way to combine (concatenate) MP3 tracks and get the volumes to be somewhat consistent?

Technique required is called Dynamic range compression , called compression for short.

Chris’s Compressor, (a plugin for Audacity), is better than Audacity’s native compressor.

There is a tool, separate from Audacity, called MP3 gain which [only] does what you want.

Try running all of the individual files through MP3Gain first.

Once the songs have been mixed into one track your options become limited. You could use a dynamic range compressor as suggested by Trebor, or you could use the Envelope tool.

If you still have the songs as separate audio tracks you are less limited in what you can do. You can use the track “Gain” sliders ( to match the levels. You can also use Equalization or the Bass and Treble effects to match the timbre of the songs (if necessary). You can also crossfade the songs (