Can I skip to end of current working Track, not Project?

The manual details skipping to end of Project, which is in effect, the End of the longest Track.
Is it possible to skip to the end of the current working track only? Where that track is shorter than the Longest track?


Click on the track then press the “K” key. (“J” key for the start of the track).

The full list of default keyboard shortcust is in the manual here:
It’s possibly worth making yourself a “cheat sheet” of half a dozen that you think you will use regularly. Don’t try to learn all of them - some you will never use :wink:

Here’s the 10th question - not in the FAQ :slight_smile:

My forum Profile suggests I can add a signature to posts. How do I set that signature up?

Profiles have been disabled for forum users other than the forum staff / regular helpers. This is due to abuse by spammers and other that wish to abuse the facility of this forum. The forum is “staffed” by volunteers in their spare time, and we would rather be helping genuine Audacity users to use Audacity effectively than dealing with spam.

No worries. Thanks Steve. Completely understand.


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Do I assume you saw that in the Forum FAQ? If so I updated it to state that if you make lots of good posts helping users then you can ask to join Forum Crew which allows you to use a signature.


Hi Gale,
No, it’s here. … → [Attach my signature by default]
but really, I was just asking. It’s no hassle at all. :slight_smile:

Thanks. It’s a bug in the phpBB software. If the user is not allowed signatures, the “Attach my signature” line should not be shown.