Can I set a key to auto-rewind 5 seconds? For transcribing?

Using Audacity 2.1.1 Windows 10

I’m thinking I could use Audacity as transcription software if I can set two things: 1) specify a slower playback speed (no problem), and 2) set a key on the keyboard that, when pressed during playback, would automatically back up the play location for a user-specified number of seconds and continue playback.

This way I could slow down the playback to match my typing speed, and when I get behind or mis-hear something, I can hit Esc or Ctrl-9 or some specified key to rewind the playback instead of taking my hands off the keyboard and use the mouse to back up a little bit.

Is there already something in Audacity to do this? In searching the help area, I see that transcription features have been proposed, but I haven’t found the status on those proposals becoming a reality.

This is all I know about.

How sure are you that you need the back up feature? Usually, pause is enough. Most people want the foot pedal for hands-free.

By default, during playback:
“Left cursor” key moves a “short” step back.
“shift + Left cursor” moves a “long” step back.

By default the “short” and “long” steps are 1 second and 15 seconds respectively, but may be changed in “Edit > Preferences > Playback: seek time while playing”

I found my own answer! (but I’ll post it here instead of deleting my question so others might benefit)

The shortcut to rewind during playback is , (comma). To forward, press . (period). You can set the time length to rewind or forward by going into Edit > Preferences > Playback.

I knew Audactity would have the feature I wanted!