Can I separate/remove a recording over another recording

Just to qualify this I am a church secretary with no experience in sound recording given the job to upload recorded sermons to our website and for the most part I can do that but every once in awhile our recordings go amiss and I’m left to learn how to fix these things. This last Sunday our church sermon was recorded using Windows 7 and Audacity 2.0.4. somehow they have the pastor preaching two different sermons at the same time for a portion of the recording. It was recorded in stereo. Is there a filter or something that may allow me to separate or at least quiet the speaking I don’t want?

This is more or less what a normal stereo show looks like.

Do you perhaps have four squiggly blue lines stacked up instead of only two?

Are you listening in stereo? Stereo headphones or two stereo speakers? Is one sermon favoring the left or right?


I only have the two Squiggly lines ( I appreciate you using the Non-tech words :slight_smile: ) and I couldn’t hear a difference between the right and left.

If so and the green bars in Meter Toolbar swing exactly in parallel then there is nothing you can do to separate the sermons.