Can I send two diferent tracks in one file to diferent audio outputs?

Hi, i’ve been strugle with something for a very long time.

My band play with a lot of backing tracks for some synth and vocals that we put in, and we always have used Audacity, but it’s very hard to coordinate because of the tempo… so we add a beat to the backing track so we never get lost in the tempo. But when we play live we didn’t want the people to hear that beat,

so i just want to know if there’s a way to separate the audio output of two tracks of the file, so that way we can send the synths and everything to the main sound, and the beat just to our monitors.
Thanks a lot!

Last check, Audacity does not support multi-track playback, so there is no sending stereo sound to one place and mono sound to somewhere else.

You might be able to cheat that by making a stereo track with your show music in mono mix on Left and the Click Track on Right. Send Left to the audience “pretending” it’s stereo and click track to the performer’s headphones.

If the performance hall is big enough, stereo music can have problems anyway.


There’s a more exotic version where you make a Dolby Surround music file and put the click track on one of the five channels, say Center, and send Front-Left and Front-Right to the audience as stereo playback. That means the performance computer has to have a Dolby Surround soundcard.