Can I Save This (Your Help Is Greatly Appreciated)

We aren’t 100 percent what caused this but is there anyway to save this? It sounds so distant and we just want to know if there is anything that will help this recording so we can hear the people that are talking. Thanks for your time! (1.8 GB)

Now downloading — 2 hours —.

Do you have a shorter version of this you can post?


No I apologize, I didn’t do any editing because it was so hard to hear and wasn’t for sure if I could save it anyway. I didn’t want to compress it or anything to lose anymore quality. I really do appreciate it though if you can look at it. I knew there is really high internet speeds these day and thought someone would be kind and check it out. I guess your that person, thanks!

I downloaded it, but the ZIP file would not open.
Please download a short extract (just a few seconds) in WAV format. See here for how to do that:

“We can’t make out the words” is usually the kiss of death. Audacity doesn’t do forensics very well.


I was afraid the audio wouldn’t be able to be helped but I wanted to get some advice from someone that knows more about it than me. Steve I have attached the smaller wav file,thanks!

Sorry but not much you can do with that.
You can apply the Amplify effect followed by the Equalization effect with the “Telephone” preset, and that’s about as good as it gets, but I still can’t make out what is being said.

We’re not CSI.

You get into a cycle of problems feeding each other. You could use Noise Reduction to get rid of some of that trash except you need to be able to hear the voice to get noise removal to work. Since you can’t hear the voice… etc.


Past the association with CSI, the thing that drives people the most crazy is they can almost make out the words. That’s your head working. Audacity doesn’t speak English and doesn’t know what words are. The blue waves are all just random patterns.

Your head also makes it possible to hear sentences that aren’t there. This is a magic place.


Ok thank you anyways, thanks for taking your time to look at it.