Can I run edrums live thru audacity 3.4 on windows 10 64bit?

Hello, new audacity user. I want to be able to rum my edrums live thru aidacity on my laptop using windows 10 64bit. Am I able to do that or do I need to ass a VST? If so, what ones with rum on aidacity 3.4?

Thank you for your help.

:frowning: Not if they are MIDI. Audacity has some very limited MIDI features but it doesn’t support virtual instruments.

If they have an analog output you can record the analog with Audacity (if you have a soundcard/interface with line-in). Or if you already have a MIDI application, Audacity can record whatever is coming out of your soundcard.

But analog live through Audacity would introduce some latency (delay) and that might be a problem if the latency is long enough to notice.

Thank you for your help

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