Can i remove this kind of noise?

Whats up!

I have this piece of audio, from a speech, that have this pretty annoying noise, made by the speecher’s microphone itself. And yes, it’s not static ; (

The mic used for the voice recording was a cheap one, so i think that’s why i’m facing this problem. I dont know how to explain the kind of noise that i’m talking about with the right words, since english is not my native language.

So, because of that, i’ve attached a little sample of what i’m dealing here. I’m pretty sure that you’ll know what i’m talking about once your hear it.

Please, any kind of help will be highly appreciated.

I don’t hear anything so bad that I would not enjoy the speech. Are you talking about that slight honking sound like the performer is talking into a barrel a little bit? I think that’s feedback from sound system…maybe? The sample is not bad enough to make a decision.

There’s also a little crunchy distortion about half-way through.

Did the voice have that affect in the room while you were recording the show?

It’s also possible that whoever did the live recording, saved the work as an MP3 and used a very poor setting. Never use MP3 for production or recording. MP3 creates sound damage always and you can’t stop it.


Yes, i’m talking about this crunchy distortion. Can i remove it?

Or, maybe, reduce it a little?

crunchy distortion.

OK. Now we know what you don’t like. I have to go back and listen again.



it’s kind of a acute noise, you now. A little distortion. I know there is almost no way to fix distorted sound, but can i at least improve it?

I think I’m giving up. Buzzes are really hard. They tend to sound like human voices, so anything you do to the buzz makes voices sound funny. That and there are two different buzzes in there. I know it sounds like only one, but I needed two different tools to find all the distortion and even then I missed some. I can’t use the “tone controls,” either. That just makes everything muffled like talking through a big towel.


First of all…thanks for your help, man. You guys of the forum staff are jus’ awesome.

So…no way of even improving it a bit?

No, there’s too much going on. The buzz at the beginning is different from the buzz at the end and all the noises are exactly the same as the guy talking. :frowning: If we wait, maybe one of the other elves wants to take a crack at it.


Well… f*ck it then ; )

Thanks anyway!

The first Sound is obviously a resonance (i.e. starting feed back).
I think it gets better with a notch filter.
put the line in the nyquist prompt and press ok

(notch2 s 141 8)

The first number is the frequency and the second the q factor (higher= narrower)
The values originate only from listening to the Sound.
Maybe one could look up the exact frequency on the spectrum Display.
The second Sound is very queer, like nails on a washing board. I’ve no idea how to remove without demolishing all.

That sounds like “overload distortion” in some part of the recording equipment, but it has been modified by the MP3 compression. I doubt that can be removed or even noticeably improved without causing a lot of damage to the remaining audio.

The notch filter works on the lower “resonant hum” noise, but I’d be a bit more aggressive with the removal:

(notch2 (notch2 s 140 4) 120 4)