Can I record over existing material?

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I’m a GarageBand on iOS user who is trying to learn Audacity because I’m irritated that Apple has engineered that my iPad is obsolete, too old to run iOS 17 that is required now for GarageBand.
I typically record new sax solos onto backing tracks from various sources, like Karaoke-version. My work flow in GB is often that I set up a new track, record a bit to check level and effects, then go to the beginning on the new track and record over the level check and go to the end of the song. I’m getting the picture now that you can’t do that in Audacity. If you ask an Audacity user, they will say, “why would you want to do that? Just delete the track and start a new track at the beginning of the song.” But my settings? I guess I should just delete the material used in the level check and start recording at the beginning of the song.

But also in GarageBand, I often want to re-record just a phrase, so I will position the play head at the beginning of the phrase, hit record, record a correction over the top of existing material with the same recording set up used in the existing material, then hit stop recording. it looks like the Audacity work flow for this would be start a new track, be careful to match the settings in the old track, record the corrected phrase into the new track, then merge the tracks somehow or cut and paste the correction over the old track.

See this mini-tutorial in the Audacity Manual:


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