Can I record multiple tracks simultaneously with USB interface

I have Audacity 3.1.3, an Allen and Heath ZEDi 10 mixer with 4 USB outputs, and windows 11.

Is there any way to record two tracks simultaneously with Audacity?

So far the best I can manage it to create a stereo track and configure the USB output to go to the right and left channels. Then I can use the Audacity commands to divide the stereo track into two mono tracks. However this is clunky and limited, and when my system is configured this way, I cannot record anything to a mono track.

Is Audacity capable of recording on two or more mono tracks simultaneously? If so, can you give me any configuration hints to make it happen.

Thanks, mlbex

From what I found your mixer came with Cuebase and I’d recommend you use it, at least for recording. You can use Audacity to mix multitrack if you find it easier or more convenient, but it’s missing some features common to a DAW like Cuebase so you might want to use it for mixing too.

[u]Multi-track recording in Audacity[/u]. (A lot of people have trouble with it, and from what I see here on the forum not too many people use Audacity for multi-tracking.)

Your mixer DOES double as a multi-channel interface. Most “little USB mixers” only give you the stereo mix from the USB port.

Thanks. I can work with that.

I first tried Reaper but no matter what I did, nothing worked. I had to reset to factory options multiple times.

Now I’m trying Cubase. I might try the link you sent first though. Audacity does everything else I need, if I can only get it multitracking.

I managed to get Audacity recording in stereo from my mixer in 5 minutes. I worked for hours with Reaper and got nowhere, and now I’m trying Cubase but not doing any better. I need function-based documentation (use these settings) instead of structure based documentation (here’s what this tool can do. Good luck making it work with the other tools though…). Eg: for 4 track recording, set this, this and that.

(Sorry for the complaint/dump. Now I’ll get back to it.)


I believe the A&H mixer requires ASIO for multi-track recording on Windows. Audacity does not ship with ASIO because of the distribution license. You are going to need ASIO for Cubase, Reaper, and Cakewalk , but I believe these include ASIO support.

Or you could use MacOS or Linux which support multi-track recording naturally on Audacity. Or you could download the drivers from Steinberg and compile Audacity on your own (not for the faint-of-heart).