can I REassemble an aup file from filenames only?

I’m a green-as-a-tomato newbie user, newbie recorder, the works. Got several things recorded and saved, but when a longish project got interrupted by a phone call and my computer impolitely went into sleep mode … I ended up resaving just the end pieces of a 15 minute project.

But I HAVE all the earlier .au files.

(using Ultraedit, or some other editor), Can I edit the .aup file to add the .au files (assuming I maintain the format perfectly!)…but WITHOUT time, length, etc. Will Audacity be clever enough - maybe esp if I play each through as I load it? to recapture that info itself?

Alternatively, is there a way to get Audacity to pick these up from within its own interface?

If this question is “below” answering on the forum, could somebody write me directly? Try, or if you’re an admin, the email address I registered with.

Many thanks!


If it’s just “data-recovery” that your after (getting your recorded audio back) -

Depending on how much editing you did, there may be a lot of duplicate files.
However, .au files can be opened in Audacity -
Start a new project, then
File → Import → Audio
Select the old project folder and navigate down to the .au files
Left click on the first file, then press the shift key and select the last file (that should select all the files) and click on “Open”.
All your recordings should now be recovered, with each au file in its own track, (although you won’t have any of the time positions and there may be duplicate files).

Graceful disaster recovery is a popular feature request.

“My machine crashed with 4573 au files. How do I recover my show?”