Can I put Data Files into project?

Okay. So I attempted to move a project from one computer to another. To do this, before I realised it’d be easier to just export as WAV, I tried to move the “_data” version of the file from one computer to another. This now means I have the data but not the actual project and very little understanding of how to turn one into the other.

I came across a page from 12 years ago now which said it wasn’t possible but I thought maybe things have changed since then???

It’d be fantastic if I could save this project and bring these fragmented pieces of audio files together somehow.

Please do help.

Does [u]this[/u] help?

Or [u]this[/u]?

…I’d say it’s a good idea to copy WAV file(s) as well as the project files/folder.

If you still have the .AUP file, then you just need to copy that to the other computer so that the other computer has both the .AUP project file, and the “_data” folder.

You can’t “turn one into the other”. The “_data” folder contains (only) the audio data for the project. The “.AUP” project file contains the instructions for assembling the project, including information of how many tracks, track names, labels, track settings, and where each of the data blocks goes.

You could think of the .AUP file as a recipe, and the _data folder as the ingredients. To make a cake, you need both the recipe and the ingredients.

Thanks! I’m slowly getting to grips to using Audacity. Is there anything I can do if I have the data but not the AUP?

No, you need .AUP file.

The last one, I promise. Do you know of any pieces of software that will organise the audio files within my “_data” folder so I have the data in the correct order rather than the currently disorganised fragments?

That software doesn’t exist. You need the AUP file.

Before a project has been saved, it is sometimes possible to reassemble the data blocks from an unedited recording, based on file creation time. However, when a project is saved, the data files are copied to the project folder, so they all have roughly the same creation time and there is no longer any way to determine the correct order, other than from the information in the AUP file.