Can I name or label a clip? [Audacity 2.1.0, Windows 10]

I’m working on some documentary projects, and it would be SUPREMELY useful if I could actually name the clips I’m working on. I might have a two-hour file of lots of clips, and have a clip at the beginning that talks about Topic A, and 45 minutes later into the interview, have something that would be best put closer to the Topic A clip.

“Label tracks” are useless for my purposes, as far as I can tell. As soon as I cut a piece of audio from the audio track, the audio shifts, but the label tracks are static, so the labels now point to the wrong things. I can put a dozen labels in a dozen places in this long interview file, but as soon as I clip, cut, or move audio, the labels become pointless.

What I need is to be able to take a clip and name that clip or associate a label to that clip permanently, so if I cut/paste or move that clip, the label will move with it.

You need to either:

Make your selection in the audio track AND the label track (usually by clicking and dragging across both track, but see here for other ways to select: Selecting Audio - Audacity Manual). You will then be able to cut and paste both the audio and label(s) together.


Use “Sync-Lock”. See: Sync-Locked Track Groups - Audacity Manual