Can I lower the volume of just the right channel?

I have an mp3 file that I’d like to edit. I can’t find a way to lower the volume permanently on just the right channel, so that anyone listening to the file from now on will hear only the left channel. Can you help?

That’s a yes, but.

Audacity doesn’t actually edit MP3. It converts MP3 into its own high quality internal format, edits it and then creates a new MP3 when it’s done. That last step doubles the MP3 honky, bubbly, tinkling compression sound damage. There’s no question we can edit your work, but you can’t ever go back to a small MP3 sound file afterward.

See if you an use one of the pure MP3 editors like MP3SPLT.


It’s probably better to link to here .

Then people can use MP3DirectCut as an alternative and won’t risk downloading the command-line version of MP3SPLT without any idea what do with it.


I am not sure if you can silence just one channel in an MP3 direct editor. You can alter the volume on both channels.

If you can’t do what you want otherwise, then in Audacity, click in the track name and choose “Split Stereo Track”. Click where it says “Right” on the lower channel then choose Edit > Remove Audio or Labels > Silence Audio.

Then Export as MP3. Be aware that you may have some loss of quality in the exported file.