Can I Get RID of a Toolbar Icon?

There will never be a time I need to Trim Audio (get rid of EVERYTHING except what’s highlighted). Every time I click at the Silence icon in the Edit toolbar, I seem to miss and hit Trim Audio instead. Scares me to death.
I’ve deactivated the Hot Key (Ctrl + T) in the Preferences menu. But what I’d really like is to either delete the icon itself, or make it “dead” when I click it. Is there a way to do that?

Rather than using the Silence button, I would suggest using the CTRL+L shortcut to silence the current selection.


Thanks, that’s not my problem. The muscle-memory I have from doing this eighty-billion times is to click the icon. I CAN silence a small section by highlighting and hitting the icon to Silence. That IS the Ctrl + L hot key, but there’s an icon for it. BUT that icon is approximately two millimeters away from the Trim Audio icon and I keep missing!
Of course I can Undo, it’s just the heart-attack I get that I’d like to avoid…

This is not something you can currently do, but this is something you will be able to do in Audacity 4.

SO COOL! Thanks very much for letting me know.

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