Can I export multiple based on "split" splits in Audacity?


I just recorded a voiceover and split it into 39 sections, using the EDIT > CLIP BOUNDARIES > SPLIT feature.

screenshot of the menu item:

screenshot of the track

Is there a way to automatically export each section as a file?

Or a way automatically generate a label for each section, so FILE > EXPORT > EXPORT MULTIPLE [Split files based on: Labels] can be used?

Starting this thread took longer than just doing it manually but you know, for next time and posterity and such. :slight_smile:

  • Double click on the first clip.
  • Ctrl + B
  • Alt + . (dot)
  • Ctrl + B
  • Alt + .
  • …(repeat as necessary)

Then “Export Multiple” based on labels. (

Great, couldn’t even think of the word “clips” while writing the title :laughing:

This workaround definitely speeds up the process nicely, thanks!

Turned this into a video guide:

I should try this with the hotkeys being single letters right next to one another next time…

If you do this often, you could combine “Ctrl + B” then “Alt + .” in a Macro (,
and then assign a keyboard shortcut to the macro (

I’ve just tested, using "Ctrl + " as the shortcut (because it’s convenient and is not used by anything else).


Here’s the macro in use (recorded in real time):

  1. Double click on first clip to select it.
  2. "Ctrl + " (shortcut to macro).
  3. Repeat step 2 as necessary.