Basics: Audacity 2.0.5, Windows XP
This is probably a generic question, I noticed in the language folder there were many files, I assume a file for each language. Also noticed the file was over 10 megs. Was wondering if I could delete the unused language files to save a little disck space. I am using English. Tks
PS: I did several different searches and read the FAQ but did not find an answer.

I’m not answering your question directly because alarm bells are ringing. Let’s deal with the alarm first :wink:

10 MB is equivalent to about 1 minute of CD quality audio. If you are that short of space you will not be able to use Audacity effectively.
Audacity uses a very high quality format (32 bit float) for all internal processing. CD format is 16 bit, which is half the size of a 32 bit float format. Each time you perform an operation on the audio, the Audacity project gets bigger because the “undo” data needs to be stored until the session is closed. Thus a project that is only a few seconds duration can easily from to many MB in size while working.

On Windows it is recommend that there should always be at least 10% free disk space to allow Windows to perform maintenance tasks and to handle high memory loads should they occur. How big is your hard drive and how much free disk space do you have?

I will answer the question directly, anyway in case users with enough disk space want to know if they can save even more disk space.

Audacity will warn you on launch if you have 100 MB space or less in the Audacity temporary folder.

There should be no file over 10 MB. The folder will be over 10 MB.

Yes, Audacity will not complain. Don’t go deleting anything else.

Also please be careful on Windows XP. Your computer is now exposed to any hitherto unknown security threat without the possibility of it being patched: Windows XP support has ended - Microsoft Support . You can try Linux if purchasing later Windows is not an option.