Can I convert a 32-second file to 30 seconds in one stroke?

I’m now using Audacity to chop full-length song files down to 30 seconds (or 60 seconds) by selective cutting and pasting, depending on the song.

Because of broadcast requirements, based on how this stuff works, I have to bring it in at exactly 30 (or 60).

If I have a nicely edited piece of music that I edited perfectly to 32 seconds (or whatever similar) in audacity, is there any way to speed up the tempo, which wouldn’t be noticeable at all, to bring it in at 30 seconds?

Or do I have to use a different program?

Thanks for your help!

Effect > Change Speed. I think that’s the one with the least damage because it doesn’t try to take the presentation apart and put it back together out of order. It’s just speed up the turntable and yes the pitch of the music is going to go up. Try it.

If you have restrictions like that, I don’t think the listeners are that particular.

“Didn’t there used to be a trumpet solo in the middle of that song???”


Thank you, Koz! I’ll try it in my morning tomorrow!

Audacity has comes with two built-in tools to change tempo …
#1 .
#2. Audacity Manual

If you use “change speed”, the pitch will also change, whereas change-tempo preserves the original pitch.

This is too cool!

You guys are much easier to work with than a tutorial.

But I’m still going to read through the entire tutorial:

I didn’t realize how powrful Aud is, and how much there is to know, even for the basics like saving!